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Magic….a power once contained to those who honed their craft and spent years in study, now runs rampant through Faerun. This power which is now called “Source” has caused an epidemic and the people of Faerun are left to suffer.

The abundance of source needs to be contained and those who use it illegitimately must be silenced. Those not licenced by the state are deemed heretics and hunted by The Inquisitors.

The Inquisitors of the 900th Legion are always looking for new recruits to purge and wipe clean from the world those who would use Source for harm and that is where you come in.

The inquisitors use source to fight fire with fire and the four of you are deemed licenced source users. As new members you have been tasked with the purging of a man named Van Richten….Who is responsible for the deaths of 100 souls in the city of fog.

A quick capture and purge of this man will set a standard for your team, that you are efficient and well equipped for any situation….Good luck Inquisitors!

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Bound By Fate